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Selling your home is one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of your life. Let the CIMA Realty Group, work for you! Our sole duty is to ensure that your home sells quickly, efficiently and at the best market price.Find out what your home is worth. Call us today for your FREE Home Appraisal!

From the moment you list with CIMA Realty Group, one of our experienced group members will be there to keep the home-selling process moving forward—from pricing your home, to preparing it for sale, to achieving a successful closing. We believe in working with our clients as a team and in keeping them informed throughout the selling process. After all, you are the most important part of our business, which is why we take pride in providing world-class client service. That’s why clients return to CIMA Realty Group, time after time, and pay us the ultimate compliment of referring their friends and family to us. Your piece of mind is our goal.

Upgrade or Downsize your home

Whether you have many pets, expect children, got a job promotion, you know it’s time to upgrade when your current quality of life is suffering from space. For you, a larger, nicer house or better neighborhood will not only mean more room to live, but a happier you.

It’s almost safe to say homeowners typically don’t daydream about buying a smaller home. But minimal maintenance is certainly an upside to not living in a large home. After all, the time and money you might be currently spending on cleaning and upkeep can now go toward vacations, new cars, or other real estate investments. That’s why some people see downsizing as a step forward, not backward. If you’re thinking less space is the next step, you’re not alone. Give us a call to learn how we can help you achieve your next real estate goal.

Obtain Cash in Equity

What is Cash in equity? If someone purchased a $200,000 house with 20% down and the house was now worth $230,000, that owner would have $40,000 in cash equity in the property and $60,000 in market equity. The owner’s cash equity situation is steady and increases each month as a portion of his monthly mortgage payment goes towards paying down the principal borrowed. Market equity can change at any time as real estate market, and broader economic conditions fluctuate. What does that mean for you? More revenue if the market is growing.


Did you recently get a new job and need to move closer to the office? Maybe you decided to tie the knot with your loved one. Or you want to move into the house of your dreams. Regardless of your new real estate goals, CIMA Realty Group is here to make it easy for you to relocate.

Benefits of Hiring a CIMA Real Estate Consultant
  • Support: (We are here to help, every step of the way. Placing our clients’ interest first before our own. At CIMA you’re not just a number, we educate our clients through the process and help them understand it to make it a stress- free experience
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  • Access to Inventory and Marketing Network
  • Experienced Real Estate Agents: We understand the local market and continue to attend current Realtor seminars to ensure everyone is up to date on new regulations.
CIMA Realty Group looks forward to helping you

We are dedicated to excellence and always put our clients interest first. That is our key to success. CIMA Real Estate Group.